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iData GesmbH
Hans-Resel-Gasse 17a
8020 Graz

Phone: +43 (0)316 574606

  • Less acquisition costs
  • Quick implementation
  • Minimized maintenance costs
  • Optimised and quick adaptation
  • Informations are at the right moment at the right place
  • Common surface for different applications
  • Less running costs
If you use DataTrains in your company you will get a solution that unifies functionality, speed and stability in an ideal way with low costs.

By a revolutionary technology for representing the functionalities you will get exactly those functions you will need. If the requirements will change, you can change them in shortest time with minimum costs.

While our competitors are still preparing a duty book we can already present you the solution, that means during the collection of the requirements DataTrains is already set up so that we can deliver you a functional system. Times of few weeks from the first idea to the already introduced application are a matter of fact.

DataTrains uses only components that are already existing since long time and which are absolute basis modules. During long technology studies these components were defined which can be called as "gold of EDP". This guarantees that DataTrains works without problems during very long times and furthermore it is not necessary to install service packages or updates.

Because of prices optimised for the customer and the very short introduction phases you save a lot of money. Furthermore the very simple structure of the DataTrains brings the possibility to do the whole maintenance and further development by yourself - which saves not only money but keeps also the know-how inside your company and you do not depend from third.

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