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iData GesmbH
Hans-Resel-Gasse 17a
8020 Graz

Phone: +43 (0)316 574606

The philosophy of DataTrains has the following objectives:
  • EDP has to become again more attractive in costs
  • EDP has to be again easier to understand
  • EDP has to allow to be used on selected points
  • EDP has to become again free of maintenance works
  • EDP has to be able to be integrated in each ambient
Therefore the team of DataTrains goes a complete new way.
Statements like: "It is necessary to create a complete solution" or "Maintenance of EDP can only be done by high-cost specialists with success" have been denied by ourselves.

With DataTrains a system had been created that can be inserted without any problems into each EDP ambient, that means that existing software that works well can be continued to used, the new requirements however are solved by DataTrains. This avoids investments und a new acquisition is therefore cheaper.

DataTrains is a system which is clear for every EDP operator in your company and therefore it can be learned easily. If you are going to use DataTrains in your company it is not necessary to do continuous external services for maintenance and further development. After a short training your EDP operator is able to do this task by himself. This saves not only, but also the know-how is kept in your company and you do not depend from external companies.

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