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iData GesmbH
Hans-Resel-Gasse 17a
8020 Graz

Phone: +43 (0)316 574606

Work flow, data acquisition, reporting, content management - all of them are only web based ones - this is the reason why DataTrains was developed. DataTrains is the new dimension of a software because it is open and flexible. Actually the following DataTrains applications are available as finished products:
  • Order processing
    This application shows the whole work flow beginning from the order to the production till the invoicing and dunning.
  • Sales representatives management
    This application prepares the schedules for business trips of sales representatives and presentation personnel as well as the administration of the visit reports and travel accounts.
  • Documents management
    With this application are prepared and archived all documents in order to find them again easily by anybody. Moreover it enables a release procedure by electronic signing and distribution of the documents.
  • Helpdesk
    With this application all occurring EDP problems are collected and handled systematically.
  • Investment Database
    With this application are handled all investments. By a connection to the ERP system, also all reports are distributed inside the company.
  • Patent Database
    This application enables that patents with files and weblinks which are coming directly from the patent attorney are stored in a central patent database.
  • Product development
    With this application a R&D process is reproduced from the first stroke out of a sketch to the completely released series part including the different testing and releases procedures.
  • Project accompaniment
    This application deals with all exception situations that can appear in a project and is integrated direct into an ERP system, in which all projects are handled.
  • Project management
    With this application a project management was created according to the slogan "as little as possible, as much as necessary" and offers a solution to carry out project management on simplest however most effective way.
  • Travel costs accounts
    This application shows all travel costs and is connected direct to the ERP solution (accounting) of the company.
  • Marketing
    This application creates the workflow beginning from import of the target group to the execution and analysis of the carried out actions (telephone marketing, emailing, events, fairs...).
  • Quality management
    With this application the various measuring values created in the laboratory and the resulting quality figures are handled and reports are prepared and distributed accordingly.
All these applications have in common that they are only web based and they can be adapted for individual use in the shortest time.

The DataTrains development surroundings:
You have your own ideas what DataTrains can do for you ? By means of the DataTrains development surroundings any individual applications can be developed quickly and very clearly. The development can be done by the collaborators of your company after a short training or you contact a DataTrains partner.
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